Heirloom Rag Scissors


Cutting the fringing for a rag quilt can be taxing on the arm and wrist joints, alleviate this by using the Heirloom Rag Scissors with their spring action handles and soft grip touch.


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Rag Quilt Snips

Length: 203.2mm (8”)
• Spring action handles reduce hand fatigue
• Serrated Blades holds material in place
• Long lasting tempered steel blades
• Stainless steel heavy duty blades
• Right or left handed
• Soft touch grip
• Cuts 8 layers of cotton
• Security lock

Handy Hint: To help relieve the stress on your wrist and arms cut the fringe for the rag effect as you progress through the quilt. That way you don’t have a enormous amount to do at the end of the project.

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